Why are you interested in spiritual enlightenment?”

It’s important to ask yourself WHY.

Why are you interested in this path? Is it because you have a hunger for truth or an intuitive sense that there is more to life than what meets the eye? Your reasons are important, even if they are hard to put into words.

REASONS: 3 reasons to pursue Spiritual Enlightenment

This video lesson asks you the important question, why? Find out why your why matters.

Learn what some of the common reasons are for people pursuing this path.

READINESS: Preparation for the path.

This teaching lesson focuses on what you can do to support your own path to enlightenment. Why it’s important to have both knowledge (study and learning) and knowing (intuitive, meditative and mindful direct seeing).

Watch this tutorial to improve your readiness.


I recommend the following activities to support this lesson. Watch the tutorial to learn about how to journal your why. Then watch the lesson on how to assess your gaps in knowledge and knowing. This can be very helpful.

The gaps in teaching has a PDF document to download to accompany your activity.


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