An excellent question and some offered insights:
G: “This question arises in me again and again and again…”Who am I being in this moment?”
Colleen-Joy: This is the mind trying to formulate an understanding of you as awareness. All the while you are aware, you are awareness. You are even aware of the question, of the mind as it arises and falls in you. As awareness you are not “being anything or anyone” in any moment. You are always awareness. Always this.
Rest attention in you as awareness and notice how the body-mind responds with relaxation and opening. You are aware of being aware. This is self-evident and does not need the mind or belief or thought to be true.
You know yourself as awareness without the mind’s help. The mind is not needed to know yourself. The mind is only helpful in gathering the knowledge of the objects that arise in awareness.
Ultimately it can be seen that even the objects in awareness are also made of awareness. Being is not a verb, it’s not a function or activity in awareness. It is neither a noun, a thing. The mind cannot give you this answer. Rest attention in its source as you, as awareness and sense into what is always true and self-evident.
G: Yes, I understand, I use this question not because I need or want an answer, but as a tool to wake me up and bring me back to awareness, back to my true home.
Colleen-Joy: Ah, that is beautiful. And perhaps, look at the mind’s language here, “to wake me up and bring me back to awareness, back to my true home” I understand what your mind is saying, but the mind then keeps a wall up this way.
Which me is being brought back? Which me loses and then goes back home? This is a wonderful opportunity to see deeper. You are the home, never not home. The mind is coming to you. The mind is waking up to you as awareness. See the subtle difference, my beautiful lady?
And of course, the mind is also made of you, made of awareness. It is a function in awareness. These thoughts of coming and going, of staying and losing are an indication of some aspect of belief in a separate self. These thoughts can be seen through. Yes?
G: Ok, I see, wow! I am home, I am never not home. My mind is coming to me, my mind is waking up to me as awareness. 

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