QUESTION: What is a psychic mind and how does it feel to access the psychic mind?



I wouldn’t call it a psychic mind, in my experience, the mind (which is really like a hard drive with software called thoughts) can actually interfere with clear accurate psychic abilities.

The mind’s function, whether a psychic mind or not, is to interpret and translate what we pick up via the senses and what we pick up intuitively.

For example, think of when we are trying to remember someone’s name. We feel or sense that the information is there, and then the mind helps to translate what we are already tuned-in to.  

So, I’ve discovered that the key to intuition and psychic abilities is actually simple, its Attention.

Whatever we put our attention on we are tuned into intuitively whether we know this consciously or not.

  • We can put our attention on any of the physical senses, like putting attention on ‘hearing’ and suddenly noticing more information about what we can hear, or putting attention on ‘seeing’ and suddenly being able to gather more knowledge about what we are seeing.
  • We can also put attention on our inner senses, on thoughts, on memories, on feelings etc.

So there isn’t a specific feeling that indicates that we are tuning-in intuitively.

This is why it takes a lot of practice and focus to learn to notice the difference between psychic information and ordinary day-to-day information gathering.

We are often tuning-in and feeling other people’s feelings for example, but not realising it. By placing our attention on others, we are always tuned-in to them, but most don’t know this and miss the subtle information that has become available.

By learning to consciously direct our attention we can also become conscious of the changes in the body and emotions that are linked to what we are tuned into. Then we can learn to help the mind to translate this information accurately without filtering or distorting.

Do you access psychic awareness randomly or by using a specific method?

Because we are all actually tuning-in intuitively most of the time, but simply not realising it, some discover their conscious intuition randomly, and others by trying out a method.

I first “bumped in to” psychic abilities, what you call a psychic mind, randomly as a child and then went about slowly testing and refining this skill until I developed a methodology for myself.

This methodology helped me to consciously use my intuition, become better at translating and interpreting subtle intuitive insights and then even to teach many, many others over the decades.  

Whatever methodology you use, I feel it’s important to always include a way to remain discerning, because the mind often distorts and misinterprets raw intuitive data.

How did you first become aware of your psychic abilities?

My earliest stand out memory is from junior primary school when I discovered that a friend and I had shared the same dream. That was a significant clue for me that what we are is more than what the eyes can see.

This friend and I, Ann, played many telepathy games on the school playground, she would think of numbers and I would try to pick them up intuitively. We had a very successful level of accuracy.

As I kid I really thought innocently that I had discovered what I later learned was called “psychic abilities”.

In my teens I started doing intuitive readings, I wanted to test whether intuition and psychic abilities were real. After many years of testing and pushing this to the limit, I was satisfied that it was possible to access information beyond the traditional known limits of the human body.

I then spent the next 20 years researching and working with understanding why and how this was possible.

This became, at least for me, much more important than the abilities themselves. The fact that we can do this tells us something important about what we really are. That became the more interesting focus of my intuitive work for the past 20 years.

Do psychic abilities get stronger or weaker with age?

It depends on whether intuition is nurtured or neglected.

These are natural abilities, not only for the gifted few, but they need development and they need to be balanced by discernment and intellect.

The ego can easily hijack intuition and use it to reinforce superstition, fear or false beliefs.

Sadly, for most, they fade as they get older, but I’ve seen with many students that they can easily be rekindled and developed, no matter what the age.

If everyone is able to access their psychic mind why don’t we?

3 reasons: An ignorant mind, a dull mind or a restless mind.

  • Ignorance  – is simply not knowing that intuition and psychic abilities are possible for anyone. Ignorance is not understanding how this works and why. And ignorance makes space for fear and superstition, which are such a pity because psychic abilities and intuition are completely natural and can be a wonderful helpful skill in life.
  • A dull mind – means that even if someone is not ignorant, they will not be able to easily pick up on the subtle information coming to them naturally. The mind is like a muddy reflective surface, it doesn’t register what it’s reflecting. In Sanskrit (an ancient language that has a vocabulary for consciousness) this is called a Tamasic mind. Our minds can become Tamasic from tiredness, poor diet or from a lack of education (development of the intellect). Tamasic minds tend to interpret intuitive information in a distorted way, with a lot of fear and superstition.
  • A restless mind – means that even if someone is not ignorant, they will battle to focus for long enough to get enough of the information to complete their understanding, like seeing only a few pieces of the puzzle. They tend to get fragmented bits and pieces, instead of the complete picture. In Sanskrit, this is called a Rajasic mind. Our minds become Rajasic from stimulants, from poor diet or from being discontent. Rajasic minds tend to interpret intuitive information in a fragmented overly personalised way, with a lot of ego and desire filtering the information. 

What helps is to develop a clear intelligent educated mind.

That way, when we tune in intuitively, the mind translates accurately, without distortion or misinterpretation. In Sanskrit, this is called Sattvic.

We can develop a Sattvic mind by using our intellects, spending time in nature, practising mindfulness or meditation, appreciating beauty, bringing order and harmony to our environment (decluttering), eating in a way that helps the mind to stabilise.


Is it possible to learn how to access psychic mind?

Yes. It helps to develop a Sattvic mind (see above) and to learn more about intuition from a reliable teacher.

Look for a balance of grounded discernment and practical understanding. Pay attention to attention, and notice that you are already tuning in intuitively, it’s just a case of learning to do this consciously and learning to interpret and translate the information properly.   

The universe is like a cosmic scale library of knowledge.
This knowledge is available to anyone willing to learn to tune-in.  

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