Rod: I’m currently working through “Be As You Are” by Sri Ramana Maharshi – which is absolutely mind-blowing.

You know, it’s funny because you were very much involved with TNI and LBL’s and PLR’s and yet you moved beyond that. For me, without that background of LBL – I’m incredibly grateful for it because it gave me the foundation – I couldn’t be where I am now. It’s like the first block of a house.

When the subject of duality came into my studies – it forced me to question subjects descriptions of LBL sessions, including my own. Why were they reporting, still after leaving a body, the LBL dualistically?

And my only conclusion at this point is that this plane is one of duality, polarity, time and space, cause and effect – which is in form (it certainly is experienced that way). And then the next plane is still duality but in no form, just energy. And you can go beyond LBL. First time I saw it was during an LBL in isolation or sensory deprivation tank. So, why did you move beyond LBL and PLR?

I mean, you had to see the value in what you provided to others in your sessions. Was it due to your NDE? Did you see beyond LBL in your NDE? I guess my question is, how were you not satisfied that LBL was the limit of our access?

Colleen-Joy: Interesting question Rod. The main reason I moved beyond LBL work was because I had a dilemma. I intuitively came to see that the true self never changed, was never moving, never evolving and was a kind of ‘oneness’ (I didn’t know the word non-dual back then). And I knew that my soul, though I loved it dearly and still do, was growing and changing.

So I hit a wall that was only resolved about 7 years ago when studying Advaita Vedanta, which gave me confidence that the intuitive seeing was accurate, that my soul is like a flower, galaxy or any other expression of life, changing. That these objects of awareness are in me, are not separate from me, but that the self that we are, is unchanging.

Rod: As Sri Ramana Maharshi would say, the “True Self”. But don’t you think that the True Self is changed, based upon the experiences or perceived experiences? And those intuitive insights we get – they are never wrong.

And when I became aware of them and started digging in those directions – a whole other door opens. I didn’t know the world non-dual either. Heck, I just thought everything was separate.

So, how is it this identification of the soul, how does it contribute to a oneness that doesn’t change? Are you saying there was a part of you that was changing and another part unchanging? I don’t think I understand.

Colleen-Joy: See my video reply on the non-dual perspective of the unchanging self and how this relates to the soul and all that which changes.

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