Dear Colleen
1) What is the spiritual value of a question?

2) Why does the “heart” not question a question?

3) Where is the beginning before Creation?


Dear B

B: What is the spiritual value of a question?

Colleen-Joy: Like cleaning a window so that we might see clearly, questions can only arise when the window of the mind needs cleaning. An obscured view caused by ignorance causes questions to arise.

These questions are important and give rise to the seeker questioning mind, whose purpose is to be free of ignorance (dirt/mud in this metaphor). A clear, illuminated mind, an enlightened mind, reflects the truth of the self accurately and frees us of this apparent limited perception. Sincere, heartfelt questions are like jewels.

They are rare and precious. They call us home. Many minds are full of answers, but an honest, sincere question, admitting that we do not know, opens the possibility of enlightenment. When question meets truth, they cancel each other out and rest in silence.

B: Why does the “heart” not question a question?

Colleen-Joy: The heart’s journey is to know its wholeness, to have emotional needs fall away. It is on its own path to spiritual enlightenment. Enlightenment in the heart is self-love, knowing ones wholeness and the end of emotional seeking.

The heart doesn’t have the path of the mind. The mind’s job is to attempt to separate, divide, discern, doubt and question. Enlightenment in the mind is radiant consciousness, knowing oneself as non-dual awareness and it ends question seeking.

The heart is a different function in awareness. Both heart and mind heal and rest when they find truth. The heart seeks to unify. It is not a questioner in the same way that mind is.

B: Where is the beginning before Creation?

Colleen-Joy: Only the personalized mind asks this. Since the personalized mind came after and is also part of the creation, it will always be left wanting and frustrated when asking questions outside of its domain. Before the mind, before the objects of creation, is non-dual reality, this is non-duality. I say “before”, but I don’t mean past tense.

The self as non-dual awareness is not in time. It has no past or future. The mind is an instrument of apparent time. The mind records data which it calls past memories, and has programs of projection called imagined futures. The mind is looking for answers to validate and justify other ideas and beliefs, which are all groups of thoughts.

All the while, the true self remains untouched by the mind, self-illumined, the I Am, as love, peace, joy, non-dual awake awareness.

When this is known and embodied, creation is seen as a verb, life is seen as a movement, a miraculous dance in awareness. Life is seen as god. No nouns exist. No objects exist here, only love, peace and joy, all as this. It has no beginning and no end. There is no separate creation, no beginning and no end.

Or it could be equally true to say that it is beginning and end (which nullifies both), Alpha and Omega. But concepts in the mind only point to this. Finding the self as this, is where all these questions resolve and rest.

All love

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