Enlightenment and Suffering?

Suffering is a Soul Winter.

This is a love letter to the self, from the self, in support of healing suffering. 

In the darkest of life struggles and suffering, I found sanctuary in you, the true self. You were a surprise. An unexpected discovery.

I looked for you everywhere, in places and in people, in books and in objects, it was so lonely and painful. But in the quiet solitude of suffering and in moments of intense enquiry I found you.

First as a whisper, a presence of peace, and then eventually as my own being, my presence, the peace that eats the world.

I found you as the self, intimately woven into the fabric of life.

You were not a sanctuary that I could run to, you were myself.

And I as the self slowly became sanctuary to all in me that came seeking, the healing blessing of true seeing were given.

Healing for the torturous thoughts that hijacked my heart, the rage, sadness and confusions of life, the powerlessness and arrogance, the ignorance and stubborn habits that I found in this universe of the self.

Steadily you healed, transformed and dissolved the deepest of wounds, the muddy mind lenses, the scars of the soul.

You are sanctuary. You that is I, I that is you. 

I speak now to you reader as the true self. I look beyond the walls of the mind, the barriers of the heart and the ignorance of the being. I speak to you as the self. Enlightenment and suffering are not unnatural. This is natural. As natural as winter is.

How do you support yourself through Enlightenment and Suffering?

  • Realise that “You”, the true self is your sanctuary.
  • Realise that “You” are deep abiding peace, wholeness and wisdom.

You have the power to transform suffering, because you bring with you true seeing, right perspective and the opportunity to embody this truth.

Your healing power, is the power of light in the darkness of ignorance. That is why it is called enlightenment.

That which is ignorant in you, doesn’t know the true self, it therefore believes in a limited identity.

Thus, ignorance of the true self is at the root of suffering.

Pain is a part of physical existence, suffering is the consequence of believing in an “idea” of who we are, instead of knowing the true reality of what we are.

When you seeking solace from suffering, if you are ignorant to your true nature, you would then naturally direct your attention to that which you believe might help you.

You would look to “objects in awareness” for healing – to things, places and people. These may assist with physical problems. People with expertise may assist by providing knowledge.

But true sanctuary and lasting peace belong only in you, the beloved to whom I speak.

When you seek solace from suffering, if you know your true nature, you would not direct your attention to find peace, love or happiness from objects – from things, places and people.

You would know to rest attention mindfully and meditatively as the self. And from that true seeing, you would invite the suffering to come to you for transformation.

With great love and equanimity, which is your true nature, you would look upon the seeming “parts” of the self that were triggering pain, and you would not shrink back or push away.

Because you as the true self would know only love for all that arises in you.

You would not see these sources of suffering as separate, and under the light of you as awareness, they would come to rest in you. Either to dissolve, transform or to find peace.

If you don’t know how to seek and find self-sanctuary from the storms of life, then you have work to do to clear the mind of the ignorance that keeps you from knowing yourself.

Because of not knowing yourself, you will probably have your attention fixed on the content, the objects of awareness, taking them to be you.

Dear self, may you find strength, courage and stamina to find yourself as the sanctuary you seek. Especially when enlightenment and suffering find themselves rising together.

Thank you self, for showing me that the content of the objects that arise in the self, are only that, content.

When I know the self, I find only me, and all objects are then known also in their truth, as the same. Thank you sacred self-sanctuary.

May all bodies, minds and souls find sanctuary in the true self. 

With love,


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