Spiritual Seeking is your Soul Autumn.

This is a love letter to the self, from the self, about seeking truth.

Beloved. Friend.

You whom I’ve had the privilege to seek and then know. Thank you for the gift of seeking and questioning. For I came to see that every question held a quest. And so instead of asking questions like, “What must I do?” you taught me the true quest of “Who am I?” and this changed everything.

Because of this spiritual seeking quest, I have come to find you as the true. And there is such deep love. Such knowing.

Dear reader, you and I are not islands of flesh, bound to crawl, scratching in the dirt for what we seek. You and I are the same ultimate I. The boundless presence of the timeless one.

In your eyes I see the same, most beautiful true self. And in this presence of abiding peace that is the true self, I sense your struggle, your clinging to the threads of time-bound identity.

Did you know that we share something important? We share the name of “I.”

This I is the knower of knowledge. Though these eyes are locked into many singular windows of the world, the “I” that knows one window is the same that knows all windows.

This “I am” is free of all windows, of the flesh. Free of all illusions.

Here are some important questions for the Seeker of truth.


“YOU” Spiritual seeking questions:

  • What are you?
  • What is your true nature?

Read these words and sing yourself home.

The Call

This which burns, flames to the heart.
This which drives open the space that I am, 
making sure that nothing stands in its way.
This force of love, blind to all walls of division. 
It will have me. Its hunger is insatiable. 
It will have all – no whispers of illusion left in its wake.

It calls.
And I gladly surrender.
Happily, consumed.

Like a lover bending, 
to what it must have, above all else.
That is how it bends us. 
That is how it calls.

No escape. 
Nothing’s but the fire of this divine love. 
Love seeking itself. 
Moving to unshackle itself,
from the tight clothes of ignorance, 
to rather dance naked, 
to kiss the wind as my breath.

Have you heard the call to come home to you? 
Have you answered?

~ Colleen-Joy, Enlightened Apple Tree.

I call to you. I call you to your true home. To the place you have never left, though you believe you have.

When I see you, I don’t see you the same way you see yourself. For grace has remove the lens of the false from my seeing.

I see you as the same that I find myself to be. I see deeper than the surface of your mind and flesh, to the boundless presence that is undivided by walls of thought or skin. And here is true family, true self, true belonging, true healing.

Don’t let the ego twist my words of love to reinforce the illusion of the separate self, let these words free you from the illusion of the separate self.

Where are the words that will show you this, and help to liberate you from the hypnosis of fixed attention?

Where are the words to show you that you exist, even prior to the mind, and prior to attention itself?

You are not walled in by what you see, nor by the windows you see through, you are the knower of all seeing.

I call you. I call you to stand freely as the liberated being that you are. To claim your sovereign place as that which has no opposite, no definition, no prison.

I call you to know yourself as life. The same life that projects cosmos into form.

  • Did you come here for gold or for the true self?
  • Did you come here for fame, or for freedom?
  • Did you come here for love or to know that you are the love that births all life?

You who are undivided, who is equal to all moments, who opposes no thing, and embraces all.

I call to you. Come meet me as the self. And let’s delight in the taste of colour, light, sound, texture and artistry of the miracle of life’s God light-show.

Let’s know no boundaries between us.

Giving each other the privilege of being apple trees standing together in the sunlight of truth, breathing the earth and simply being.

I call to you. Will you come to meet me?


COLLEEN JOY author artist apple tree teacher
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