The Dreamer – Colleen-Joy 
I dreamt of a dream, a dream that lasted a lifetime.
I dreamt of a dream, a dream I died for to be mine.
It began with pain and ended the same
… and all the while I forgot that I was sleeping.

I dreamt of blue-sky and water reflecting.
Of children laughing and people bleeding.
I dreamt this dream and felt it in my veins,
Bleeding into a heart so real that I forgot I was sleeping.

I sang tears and cried songs, I felt the centre of peace
And lost it again in the circumference of fear.
I was child, I was crone, I was wise, I was ignorant.
I was human while my God self slept.

And then I woke within the dream and pulled sleep from my eyes,
To see a world of beings of light cloaked in darkness.
Blinded the sightless seeking the horizon through windows that blink.
I dreamt this dream and felt it seduce me with its intensity and volume.
But I would not let it steal the Dreamer.

The Dreamer whispers, “Wake and rise to the full stature of your being.
Toss off these garments that bind the soul to its island of flesh.
Reach past the corridors of your mind to journey, to touch the mind of God.
Trust not the deception of your eyes though they serve you in your quest for definition.
Trust rather the one who looks through your eyes though they be closed or blinded.
Forget Me Not For I am all that I am, and I am you!

I am the Dreamer whispering through the dreamed – though you may silence me.
And though you may forget Me we are all that is and all that will ever be.
Let not the dreamed make the dreamer less real or less worthy for we serve each other
One standing before the mirror, the other standing behind”

“So let us walk together in this dreamscape and dream a dream of wonder.
Let us walk two worlds and yet be one. The one who lives on tides of air,
The other whose out-breath is creation and whose in-breath is going home.
Let us see this dream to its end, remembering that we have dreamed before and will dream again.

Remembering that it is us who creates the dream or the nightmare as we choose.
What dream do you choose? Live lucidly as you were born to.
Grow miracles in your heart and rainbow bridges from your mind.
Be the dreamer and the dreamed, the centre and the circumference, body and soul.”
I dreamt of a dream that lasted an eternity.

It began with joy and ended in joy and all the while I knew that I was being.

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