What is the science of non-duality?

Science has something in common with sincere spiritual seeking—they are both interested in finding the truth. 

Historically science and spirituality have sometimes been wed and other times divorced. Many of us were taught as children that if something was scientific that this meant it was real, credible, trustworthy and reliable. 

What fell outside of the realm of science was not to be trusted—was dubious and was likely fantasy.

For those of us that had mystical experiences or intuitive epiphanies, we found ourselves on the fringe—outside of the blessings of mainstream science.

The little science that its out there, validating non-dual spirituality and non-locality is often hidden or rejected. 

Historically, it’s easy to see that what was once scientifically true often becomes outdated, even made to be completely false by newer scientific discoveries. And yet, the language of old outdated ‘untrue’ science still shapes common understanding and influences what ordinary people take to be true and real about themselves and the universe.  

Like the proverbial flat earth theories of old, the science of the 21st century has already obliterated most older concepts of reality—concepts that people still cling to in ordinary society.  

You don’t need to be a physicist to see that cutting-edge science shakes the foundation of the dogma of materialism. And yet even many scientists still cling to their belief in materialism as the root of consciousness.

The Dogma of materialism

The Dogma of materialism puts matter at the seed point of reality. In other words, it makes matter the origin of consciousness—instead of consciousness as the origin of matter.  

Clear thinking people might look at the predominant choices available in the world: on one side there is dogmatic religion and on the other side dogmatic science, and for those of us that have realized reality as non-dual, we struggled to find validation in either.

But if we scratch deep than the dogma to find the essence—modern science and modern spirituality seem to be dating again—both validate non-duality.

What your body is made of…  

We were taught that atoms make up all of material reality.  We were taught at school that if you looked closer at atoms that you would find the parts that made up atoms, called subatomic particles. 

The word ‘particle’ was a clue because it suggested that underneath the stuff—was more stuff. That underneath matter was more matter, just smaller components of it.  

When scientists discovered that what made up atoms was actually not more stuff, but was empty space appearing as mass-energy—appearing from and disappearing back into nothing—the model of reality was fundamentally altered.

Discovering what atoms are made of, was not even the more mysterious reality revealed by quantum theory, theories that were questioned by Albert Einstein and later proven by cutting-edge investigations.

See studies and proof of the EPR effect and Quantum entanglement, the work of David Bohm, and J.S. Bell’s mathematical theorem, proving that the universe is not made up of separate parts, but is an unbroken wholeness in which all seeming parts arise interdependently, or even as holographic reflections of the whole.


Even the simple atom is not just 50% empty space or 80% empty space but it turns out is 99.9999999999999% empty space.

Subatomic particles are said to be ‘particle-like’  because they truly have no substance of their own. Source: Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You, Marcus Chown.

Atoms are born in stars and are mostly empty space appearing as light and energy that has the characteristics of mass.

We seem to be bodies with minds, in a physical universe—but we are Awareness. The universe is a dance of light and energy, stardust appearing in and from the limitless field of awareness. 

We can’t trust our eyes to reveal the truth.

Our eyes create the optical illusion of solid matter—we mistakenly believe that this is true, and then we believe that matter creates awareness.

Truly if we had the eyes to see the universe as it really is, we would see emptiness sparkling in and out of existence. A cosmic light show, where mass-energy is exchanged for nothing (no-thing, no objects), a million times a second.  

And yet,  people believe that matter is separate solidness, made up of smaller pieces of solid particles and that somehow these particles have evolved to become higher functioning, more subtle and complex—consciousness.

Meanwhile, the nothing of the universe appears as a light show of energy.

With this in mind, it’s not a massive leap to understand that awareness, consciousness is the nothing from and in which arises light and energy—that makes a guest appearance as a universe.

Setting aside all these theories and concepts, one can intuitively directly perceive that you exist as pure awareness and that the play of life which is experience, are all known to you—by you and as you.

I’m not a physicist. I spent the better part of my small life testing and pushing the boundaries of intuitive perception.

This was my path to discovering and validating that separation— duality—was an illusion. See this article on intuition and non-duality.

Without special abilities or scientific knowledge, we can see that we exist as “awareness”, aware of and prior to our thoughts, prior to the minds ramblings, that we exist independently of our personality, with its tendencies desires and needs.

That our body is a universe of sensation and light appearing to be matter, appearing in the self.

You are not in your body.
You are not in your thoughts.
You are not in your feelings.
These are all in you. 

This is not a foreign or radical discovery, in fact, it is so ordinary and natural that it is easily missed. 

It’s mostly missed because attention is fixated on the contents of awareness instead of being at home, resting in the ground of being—which is awareness itself.

Take the best of Science and the best of the Seeker. Sincerely pursue the direct knowing and experience of your non-dual self, of reality as it is. 

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